There has been a  lot of chaos occurring recently between TekWik and the Blizzard Development Team.  I would like to take a moment to explain what has happened, from start to finish.  TekWik and Blizzard created a partnership with the intent of benefiting both our teams, but things have become very complicated since.  Please note this is simply a gist of the events, and much of this may change since the date of publishing.

What Happened?

Originally, TekWik was asked to make a tutorial on how to set up Siri on iOS 5.1.1, using Blizzard’s method.  After that video became popular, with about 40,000 views or so, TekWik decided to package the Siri port.  We worked with the Blizzard Development Team to create a Cydia package that would install Siri on a user’s device with  just a few taps, and was hosted on our repo/servers.  As the month of June went on, we had made changes and updates to improve the installation process.  Ironically enough, Blizzard opted to stop working at this point, no longer testing or contributing.  For reasons unknown to us, they began to become jealous, presumably of the package/repo’s success.  We had agreed to end the partnership and part in separate ways (after a large argument) with no further affiliation among us.  TekWik went on without mentioning The Blizzard Development Team, just saying that the partnership has ended and that TekWik could no longer support the Siri GUI installer that was created alongside Blizzard.  Several weeks later, we found out that Jon, the founder of Blizzard, had quit development, and the team began to fall apart.  The server went down, and the lack of a proper set of skilled engineers resulted in the complete collapse of the system.  Remaining friendly with some of Blizzard, they offered PAT as a safe, free, Apple-free alternative.  At this point, Jon opted to return to Blizzard and begin to direct people away from PAT, largely out of malice.  Weeks pass and Blizzard still doesn’t have a functional server.  Jon decided to make the hole he had dug in our professional relationship even deeper, quitting Blizzard and publicly slandering and defaming PAT over Twitter, claiming we were “illegally logging” (what does that even mean?) and selling the contact info of our users to companies, something clearly violating our ToS and Privacy Policy, and claiming to have proof of such.  However, like any hoax, the proof is in the pudding, and there was no pudding to be found.  Our lead server administrator would like to note that we have several layers of complex security and obtaining access to one of our servers is not a viable mode of attack, and that we cycle logs every hour.

What was the outcome?

Currently, the Blizzard Development Team has crumbled, and all of the services they provided are now ceasing to exist.  However, Jon, the “CEO” of Blizzard, is still committing countless acts of libel via Twitter, yet, like stated previously, he has no proof or basis to any of his farfetched claims.  We highly recommend avoiding Jon (@jonsul97 on Twitter), who lacks any professionalism, and finds the best way to deal with competitors and prior coworkers is to spread lies and rumors about them.

How does this affect me as a consumer?

If you’re a PAT user, you’re perfectly fine, and completely unaffected.  Nothing will be changing and our lead server administrator is paranoid about securing your data.  If you were using S1ri Proxy, S1ri Server, or Blizzard Server, we apologize for the inconvenience and welcome you as a PAT user, if you’re seeking a free, reliable, Siri-compatible server.  According to the COO of Blizzard, there’s no way to receive a refund for the slot you paid for.

Thank you for your understanding in this time of confusion.