UPDATE: Siri4All Beta is now available to All! How-to setup HERE and see our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Siri4All.  Donations will make a large impact on user experience since servers can be costly, so if you are satisfied, please help support Siri4All.

Spire by Grant Paul and Ryan Petrich was released a few months back, many people have been wondering how to actually set it up and use it.  And many developers have set up proxies and other  alternatives to use Siri on older devices using Spire.  The downside of these other proxies and servers is that they are very unreliable, costed a monthly fee, or didn’t last very long.

This is why TekWik decided to do something.  We decided that that using Siri on your older iOS device should have the same experience as using it on an iPhone 4S.  This is where Project Siri4All started.  We started developing a working server that will interpret data similar to the way the real Siri does.  This is a better alternative to a proxy because there are no iPhone 4S keys required to run the server which eliminates a major factor to why many other alternatives are no longer operating.

Siri4All works with Google voice recognition to decode the audio files from when you talk to Siri.  Once Google has decoded the audio, it is sent back to the Siri4All server for further analyzation.  If the request requires other information, such as WolframAlpha, weather, stocks, etc., it is sent to the correct service to retrieve the information.  Once the audio has been decoded, an answer has been found, and the correct information has been linked to the request, it is sent back to the client.

Here are some FAQ:

• Can I use Spire for Siri4All?

Yes, it is actually recommended to use Spire.

• Will this work over 3G?

Yes, however, it will work slightly faster over a Wi-Fi connection.

• Will this work on the iPhone 3GS?

Yes, but the iPhone 3GS has poor voice recognition (due to it lacking sound cancellation), making Siri less accurate.

• Is this legal?

Yes, this is completely legal. Siri4All is composed entirely of our own work, alongside some open-source projects. We do not use Apple’s servers, nor do we use or encourage the use of illegal software.

• Is the Siri4All server safe and secure?

No information is logged from Siri4All, and all communications are encrypted via SSL.

• What devices does Siri4All support?

We currently support the iPhone 4 and 4S, iPad original and 2, and the 3rd and 4th generation iPod Touches. The 3rd generation iPod Touch requires an external microphone. Siri4All is only compatible with iOS 5.0.1. Any other versions of iOS are incompatible.

Siri4All should be launching fairly soon, but to help assist in the launch and service, it is recommended that you donate.  This will help cover the costs of running the servers to interpret data.