TekWik is here!  The past month has been a rollout of the new name TekWik, replacing WW Computer Repairs.  We also are beginning many new projects, and leaving old ones behind.  We plan to have many big hits in the future for the TekWik name.

About the name change:

To begin with, Zach and I started the idea of WW Computer Repairs in 8th grade english class. We originally wanted to run a local business and do literally what the name suggested, repair computers. We got WW from the first letter of each of our last names. This showed that we were in an alliance and repaired computers. Now this name became confusing. Many thought WW stood for World Wide or something along those lines. Also, we became much more then computer repair.

We have spent months trying to figure out a name but one day, Zach just thought of TekWiki. Now we weren’t a wiki so we decided to drop the “i” and make it TekWik. Tek is a shortened version of Tech and Wik is a shortened version of Wick. A wick draws fuel up to the flame. The fuel is the TekWik team, the information, and the everlasting, countless content we push out. The flame is the readers, viewers, subscribers, and commenters all interacting in the community. We think this new name and branding will help the former WW Computer Repairs, now TekWik excel farther then it ever has.

Our projects will be posted here in one easy to access place. Thanks for your support and we will continue to bring you great new content.